FLOSAL – unique organic growth stimulator of the plants

Any person who loves and cares about their flowers knows why they use Flosal

Summer brings joy and abundance of blossoming flowers once again this year, thus we ourselves somehow feel the need to show ourselves at our best. Let’s nourish ourselves, eat healthy, and try to live well. We notice and want only nice things. We see beauty in everything.

Some gardens and balconies resemble fairy-tales, and the look at the colours makes us happier and somehow different. The colours of nature give additional value to life, and especially to those living in cities.


Have you ever wondered how come there are so many colours on some balconies, in some cultivated gardens? The answer is contained within a single word – FLOSAL. Any person who loves and cares about their flowers knows why they use Flosal, and for all of you who maybe haven’t heard about it yet, we will say the following:

Flosal is organic microbiological liquid fertilizer intended for nourishing indoor, balcony and garden plants. It contains microorganisms, growth stimulators which generate auxins in the process of fermentation. Auxins are little wizards who make the cells of your plant grow, lengthen, and thus they favour healthy development and advancement of the plant – root, stem, as well as leaf, but also unsurpassable triggers of smiles on our faces - flowers. It is easy to apply – it is sprayed once every seven days throughout the entire summer. And you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty you have created with very little effort. Blooming has begun, add your own flower to enormous beauty.

Flosal can be found in retail chains: Delhaze, Idea, Roda, Univerxport, Merkur and Gomex within the garden programme.

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