The start of the regional project "Our City, Our Scene"


Belgrade Flower Festival started the regional project “Our City – Our Stage” with the aim to develop a series of socially engaged creative interventions in the public spaces in cooperation with citizens and artists in the realm of urban design. 

"Our City, Our Scene" will be conducted in the four regional cities in partnership with: Arch Commune – Centre for Architecture and Culture from Podgorica,  Center For Environment from Banja Luka and Coalition for Sustainable Development from Skoplje.  The project is funded by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund BAC. BAC is supported by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Cultural Foundation (EFC).

Our network of partners from the four Balkan cites will promote and execute creative interventions as innovative and participative solution for the improvement of public space and use of commons as a place for the culture and art. With a support of local urban residents, young professionals and civil servants, this project seeks to establish a good practice network across the Balkans region that will support development and implementation of participatory urban design processes.  

Important part of the project and supporting campaign is the interactive web platform, an user friendly tool to map the particular public spots in the four cities, and to identify citizen’s needs in the public spaces. Data extracted from the platform will help us to focus and help interested citizens in the local communities to articulate their needs and create a particular activation of chosen spaces through a dialogue. Next step will be forming teams to develop installations, performances and place making strategies for the particular public spaces. 

We believe that the creative place making and the good management of commons brings communities together, provides meeting places and fosters social ties, shaping the cultural identity and the unique character of our cities. 


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About Us

The aim of Belgrade Flower Festival organization is to encourage the development of standards of urban ecology on the principles of sustainability and the active public through various activities. The basic postulate is to improve the quality of life through different disciplines and network cooperation, which produces interaction by offering reconstruction, protection and evaluation of Belgrade green infrastructure as an important part of our everyday urban life.Programs of Belgrade Flower Festival include organization of events, training, work actions and taking initiatives with a concrete solution of urban environmental problems.Belgrade Flower Festival gathers a number of associates and partners from the field of ecology and environmental protection, landscape architecture and horticulture, urban planning and urbanism, culture and art, design, architecture industry and eco-industry, education and sports, media and socially responsible companies.Belgrade Flower Festival projects involve, engage and promote the work of creative people and young professionals focusing on the improvement of environment and urban ecology.Belgrade Flower Festival promotes the culture of life through green, healthy and creative lens.




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